Find out how you can use and benefit from AI bots: efficiency and innovation for your business!

The AI Company Builder

Ideating, building and scaling innovative ML solutions for leading B2B.


“We are and foster the new generation of AI entrepreneurs.
We address major challenges across a range of B2B verticals.
With automation and intelligent multivariable decision making at scale we create products that optimize workflows and dignify work.”

AbouT Us

We are serial entrepreneurs

We grow data-driven companies, to make a lasting impact on people, business, and environment. We promise you no magic or flying unicorns, but deliver down to earth deep tech solutions.

Using a blend of AI, technology and change management we disrupt industries and transform mindsets. With optimized workflows, we generate additional business value and free up time for people to collaborate and innovate.

“I am a visionary people-man, loving to innovate creative solutions for b2b-challenges that deliver disruptive business models with scaling growth potential. Additionally, I take care of our finances within the NEXT Group and subsidiaries.”


“Give me a tech-problem that others have failed to solve: I will love the challenge! As a serial-entrepreneur I am a pragmatic and creative problem-solver building tech teams to deliver high quality in time.”


“I love to work with teams to build usable, desirable and highly functional products that can make a positive difference for users.”


“I love being creative about using digital technology for urgent business problems and how it can be used in a successful business model.”


Marcus Goerke


Stephan Sommer-Schulz

Co-Founder, CTO

Daniela Neumann


Dr. Sebastian Busse

Co-Founder, COO


We master complex challenges

NEXT Data Service makes more out of your data, leveraging 20 years of industry experience and expertise in data science, machine learning, big data as well as consulting expertise, product development and proven start-up exits.
As your innovation partner, we generate and implement data solutions to grow your business sustainably.

We implement individual solutions in data science, employ a technological mix of machine learning, big data, web social analytics, computer vision, image recognition, classification solutions, clustering and prediction.

Using design thinking techniques, rapid prototyping and data exploration activities, we guide you through the process of generating, evaluating and implementing new data services.


We turn complex challenges into ventures

Viable solutions with potential to scale are planted and nurtured in product companies.
Our partners and investors enable their accelerated growth in local and international markets.


Profit from our experience

We allow organizations across industries to benefit from our experience and skills.
Our services include a broad spectrum from ideation and UX design to individual data and AI solutions and consulting.

Please book time with our coaches to assess how we can work together.


UNITY Innovation Alliance

We are part of the UNITY Innovation Alliance!

The alliance supports companies with its comprehensive expertise in the digitalization of business models, products and services – from conception to implementation.

We Are

Our people
make the

We come in all possible colours, shapes and sizes 😎.
What unites us is our shared passion for making a difference for people with data and technology.


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