We make INNOVATION happen

The unique blend of talent, technology, design and operations, matched up with a vast network of partners is our investment. Together, we transform a great idea into a solution with optimal market-product fit.


Our pragmatic approach

The challenge

We work with you to define the problem and refine the solution. We assess your data assets, business ideas and define service ideas bottom-up.

Our product and business specialists evaluate market fit, validate game-changer potential, test solution ideas for feasibility and chance of success.

Experience taught us that almost any idea can be an opportunity, if backed up by the right mix of pragmatism, expertise and financial support.

Time to build

We select the business model with the best chances for early traction and fast take off for development and turn it into a functional MVP.

Our early-stage investors join in with financial support, sector specific expertise and networks to strengthen our joint company.


We are active entrepreneurs ourselves and know first-hand how to build an idea into a successful business.

Go to market

Time is of essence. In less than 12 months, we develop the product, launch the company, and begin the scaling up.

After the launch, we continue to support our start up on its path to business growth by securing talents recruiting, lean operations, and customer acquisition.

We know that we have only one shot at seizing the right moment to launch our start-up into the world.

While building the product, we dual track to grow a solid customer base.


How we work

Our engineering, product and operations teams work in an agile environment, leveraging the latest technologies, hardware and UX at all stages, from ideation to delivery.

We cover all business-critical areas over the whole product life-cycle: product delivery, change management, go to market, operational support and venture build.
In your new role as co-founder, you benefit from our continuous support and coaching.


Call for

  • You are restless and sense the need for change.
  • You see data and automation as the way forward in your industry.
  • You want to be the opinion leader for digital transformation in your sector.

Please book time with our coaches to assess how we can work together.

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