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We respect, challenge and support each other to foster highly motivated and trustworthy teams.



We built NEXT Data Service, our workplace where everyone can be their authentic self.
Diversity of expression and backgrounds are celebrated as superpowers that everyone gratefully contributes to, making NEXT the most amazing second family.


Inside Stories

From Tokyo to Hamburg and Melbourne to Havana, you’ll find an incredible mix of cultures, personalities and traditions at NEXT. Everyone adds their cultural backgrounds and work experiences to make our workplace and every day a truly amazing, authentic and vibrant place to be, create and enjoy.
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Armando Geisler
Armando Geisler
Julia Dungu
Julia Dungu
Daniela Neumann
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Meet the Team

Our goal is to continue growing NEXT and turn our new companies into beautiful places that empower, respect, and grow both our employees and customers.


What defines us

We believe that the best results for the customer are delivered by highly motivated individuals who create valuable and functional software on time.

We respect, challenge and support each other to foster highly motivated and trustworthy teams.

We love and encourage giving and receiving feedback and constructive criticism in order to learn and constantly improve ourselves.

We put our beliefs into action by continuously reflecting and improving the status quo in our daily activities and long-term efforts.

We want our employees to feel safe, understood, cared for and happy when they work for NEXT.

We ensure reliable delivery of products by ensuring regularity and cadence in the design and development process.

We challenge everything we do with a view to creating value for our current and future customers.

We encourage meaningful, focused and reliable communication.

We believe in a better result today rather than a perfect result tomorrow.


We are
looking for

You love data and technology, you are a quick problem solver, creative, structured and eager to learn, build and make things happen? Search no further, get in touch with us today!
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