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Industries want to implement Data Driven Services

by NEXT on 20. September 2018 No comments

Marcus Goerke, CO-founder and Executive Board Member of NEXT, presented the main success factors of Data Driven Services at the networking event hosted by the VDMA Association for Metallurgy on September 17, 2018. In the discussions that followed, it became clear that many companies are still at the beginning of this topic and are relying on experienced  partners. NEXT supports industrial companies in the development and implementation of Data Driven Services. The NEXT crew has over 20 years of industry and big data experience as well as extensive expertise in topics such as AI and machine learning.

NEXTIndustries want to implement Data Driven Services

Marcus Goerke in E-3 Magazine

by NEXT on 6. September 2018 No comments

Many companies are looking for impulses from far away for their digitalization and Industrie 4.0 strategies, without even realizing the value of their own data in this context. In E-3 Magazine International, Marcus Goerke explains how companies can use this wealth of data in a targeted and meaningful way.

NEXTMarcus Goerke in E-3 Magazine