NEXT Data Service makes more out of your data and implements data-driven services based on its 20 years of industry experience and expertise in data science, machine learning, big data as well as software development and software operations. As an innovation partner, we develop ideas that take your business into the future sustainably. In doing so, we are a driving force and an active developer. Not only do we think of new solutions, we also implement them as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)! Our team has extensive experience with search engines, artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, semantic analysis, big data, software development and strategic and operational consulting for companies, and a high level of competence in implementation for corporations and midsize companies.


“When developing and implementing digitalization strategies, every company deals with data-driven business models. From our many years of experience in management consulting, we know that it is not enough to just design PowerPoints and clever images. One must be determined to analyze large amounts of data and based on it, follow up with concrete use cases. Data Lakes are good, but without specific service ideas that are based on them, no added value is generated. This is another reason why I founded NEXT DATA Service with Dr. Sebastian Busse, Stephan Sommer-Schulz and the support of UNITY at the beginning of 2018. As a management consultancy, UNITY has been developing digitalization strategies for years. With NEXT, we have spun off our activities in Data Driven Services and are thus expanding the UNITY Innovation Alliance. The founding of NEXT was consistent according to this with our top management consulting experience combined with Big Data, AI and software experts. At the same time while UNITY considered its strategy, several Berlin-based entrepreneurs with start-up experience were involved in the construction of initial prototypes and brought customers and investors on board. At NEXT, we have combined these two elements so that we can practice the start-up DNA, but as founders, contribute up to 20 years of professional experience. “We are cool and yet experienced.” We deliberately chose Berlin as our location because cool agile people can be found in a hub for start-ups. With the help of UNITY’s entrepreneurial strength, we were able to position ourselves quickly and are currently growing rapidly since NEXT was founded. From Berlin, we plan to grow throughout Europe and worldwide.”

Marcus Goerke, Co-Founder and Member of the Executive Board


We help our customers generate measurable value from data. We are committed to developing services together with our customers, realizing them with creative and pragmatic approaches, and delivering ongoing data analyses that are solid.

Our ability to analyze business problems with an understanding of the industry and build appropriate solutions for them differentiates us from management consultants and technical implementers. “Give us your problem and we will develop a solution” – it is in our DNA. We are problem solvers, great consultants and technology freaks that deliver.

With headquarters in Berlin, we are a state of the art company in the AI scene. In the next few years, we will be known amongst the top 20 software-independent innovation partners for data-driven services in Europe.

We grow with the success of our services for our customers through long-term service contracts. We support innovative SMEs and corporations as innovation partners. As an agile start-up, we are an attractive employer for digital coaches, data scientists and developers who want to cultivate an open and appreciative culture.


We are a team with experience in search engines, artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, semantic analysis, big data, software development and strategic and operational consulting for companies; and we have a high level of competence in implementation for corporations and midsize companies.

We are positioned in three areas:

  • Stephan Sommer-Schulz leads our tech-competence as CTO.  The teams of data engineers, full stack developers, architects and big data admins are bundled here.  Whether we are dealing with suitable front ends, algorithms in data analytics or machine learning, back ends and architectures that are being developed, or designing and operating databases in the peta-byte range, we have the right people here. If you want to realize extraordinary solutions with us, we are looking for you! Click here to find out more about careers!
  • Our data coaches are agile project managers who manage the interface between our customers and technology. Dr. Sebastian Busse leads and develops this area as COO.  We place great importance on understanding our customers’ strategic context and designing specific services with them.  By taking a consistently agile approach to the project, we ensure that we practice close and structured communication and that we consistently lead the success of the project and shared learning. We are successful in realizing a combination of strategy, methodical approaches, integrating domain (process) knowledge and technological solution competencies.
  • As CSO and CFO, Marcus Goerke leads and develops business development, sales and finance.
  • As a team, we are strong and value the best solutions for you, our customer.
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