UNITY Innovation Alliance

Digitalization is a multi-disciplinary exercise. NEXT is a part of the UNITY Innovation Alliance, which is a partnership that integrates four important competencies for digitalization.

In this partnership, we can develop the right digitalization strategy together (UNITY), design and deliver data services (NEXT), collect missing data with new sensors (Smart Mechatronics) and develop and deliver electronic components in series (contech). In addition, we are open to expanting our partner network.

We are looking for innovative solutions, domain experts and industry expertise that complement our positioning. Concepts and ideas are welcome: We look forward to getting to know your win-win ideas, which combine your competencies with concrete potential for our customers.

UNITY as a technology oriented management consultancy with a high-level of competence in strategy and implementation

NEXT for the realization of data-driven services and nd business models

Smart Mechatronics for the development of sensors and technical Industrie 4.0 solutions

HYPERTEGRITY  für mehr Sicherheit in digitalen Diensten, Produkten und Plattformtechnologien

Contech for the developmentand production f electric circuits

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