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About Marcus Goerke

Marcus Goerke is a Co-founder of NEXT Data Service AG and holds a graduate degree in business administration with a focus on business informatics. With a total of 18 years of international management consulting in leading positions at PwC, ZLU, UNITY and another 8 years of business area experience, his areas of focus include strategy, business development, marketing, sales management, finance and team development. With this expertise, he drives sale, secures finances and develops internationalization at NEXT.

Example Presentations

  • “How to Implement Data Driven Services Services Successfully – Strategies and Success Factors.” (Presentation, approx. 30 min, German/English)
  • “The Demystification of AI. What is the Hype?” (Presentation, approx. 30 min, German/English)
  • “AI in Machinery and Planet Engineering – Examples and Succes Factores.” (Presentation, approx. 30 min, German)
  • „Industrie 4.0 without Data Services“ makes no sense! Instead: Effective Strategies, Best Practices and Examples (Presentation approx. 45 min, German)
  • “How do we create added value from data in the Company – the methodical Approach of  “data Ideation” using practical examples” (Presentation approx. 30 min, seminar ca. 90 min, workshop ca. 8 hrs., German/English)
  • “Success factors for AI in CAE and R&D” (Presentation, approx. 30 min, German)
NEXT Data ServiceSpeaker Marcus Goerke