Participation in the Hackathon #WirvsVirus

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Some team members from Next Data Services have taken part in the hackathon of the German Federal Government #WirVsVirus. Our approach and solution collects the capacity of national hospital beds on a daily basis in a decentral app, predicts corona cases and predicts potential shortage of beds to support medical resource to be able to act as soon as possible! We would love to receive your positive voting on our idea. Please vote with a “like” for our YouTube-Video!

NEXT Data ServiceParticipation in the Hackathon #WirvsVirus

Increasing efficiency and improving quality with artificial intelligence in OR planning

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Establishing artificial intelligence (AI) in OR planning makes a significant contribution to making one of the most important areas in hospitals more transparent, plannable and thus more controllable than it is today. Albased “Intelligent OR-Planning” enables OR management to control OR processes in real time. Automated suggestions for the scheduling of surgical interventions offer a current and binding schedule in which slots for emergencies are already taken into account based on empirical values. The time saved by eliminating manual organization and coordination can be used for strategic activities such as personnel development or research and teaching. Optimized and systemically controlled time and resource planning also has a positive effect on working conditions across occupational groups.

In their article “OP-Management und KI” that was published in the journal KU Gesundheitsmanagement (2/2019), Dr. Sebastian Busse, Svena Skrzipale and René Störmer explain how artificial intelligence can help in hospitals and what has to be considered when introducing AI.

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The Business Data Scientist

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Solving problems with large amounts of data – Data science is a discipline that can provide great added-value, especially in controlling. In the article “The Business Data Scientist“, Marcus Goerke, Co-founder at NEXT Data Service, and Prof. Dr. Heiko Seif, Senior Manager at UNITY and MBS Professor, show what concrete opportunities are hidden behind Business Data Science and how companies can make targeted use of them. In addition, they explain what the special combination is in the relatively new role of the Business Data Scientist and which success factors apply. The article also discusses what makes a good “Business Data Scientist” and, lastly, what Approach needs to be taken in order to effectively leverage potentials for the company. This article was published in the “Controller Magazine” (Issue 1/2019).


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Marcus Goerke in E-3 Magazine

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Many companies are looking for impulses from far away for their digitalization and Industrie 4.0 strategies, without even realizing the value of their own data in this context. In E-3 Magazine International, Marcus Goerke explains how companies can use this wealth of data in a targeted and meaningful way.

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