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Our customers are a reflection of German business industries. We are currently working for machinery and plant manufacturers, automotive manufacturers and suppliers, banks, real estate companies, energy companies, hospitals as well as municipal companies and service providers. Through our solution competence in the area of Big Data Analytics and AI, together with many years of management and consulting experience and the technical process competence that our customers contribute, we create added-value in the data that can also be used internationally.

Collaborative project with UNITY

VR DigitalCheck - Development of a service for corporate banking and empowerment of the organization

project story volksbank brilon büren salzkotten
  • Development of a maturity model to determine the degree of digitalization for corporate customers
  • Implementation of an IT-supported tool for the application of the VR DigitalCheck in the discussion with the corporate customer
  • Development of formats for the training of bank employees on the topic of digital transformation
  • Implementation of Digital Bootcamps to train employees and managers on the topic of digitalization at corporate clients
  • Carrying out an internal maturity check to determine the degree of digitalization of the bank

Collaborative project with UNITY

AI for intelligent OR-Planning

Introducing AI-based Platforms in OR Planning

  • introduced artificial intelligence into OR planning
  • automate planning processes
  • Improved accuracy of OR planning by 35%
  • Reduced employee Overtime hours by 21%
  • OR occupancy rate increased by 21%

Collaborative project with UNITY

Quality control of finished vehicles by analyzing vehicle images

In a collaborative customer project, UNITY and NEXT Data Service AG analyzed the surface damage of vehicles automatically using AI-based Image analysis, thus laying the foundation for optimizing quality management. The ultimate vision is to reduce manual inspection processes, as the next step, and automate claim management at every point in the logistics chain. There is hidden potential in many processes that can be tapped through data-driven services. We support our customers in identifying potentials, developing algorithms and Software solutions and operating these services.

Camera-based damage detection for the quality control in automobiles

  • Extensive data engineering
  • Detection of scratches on vehicles with neuronal networks
  • Integration into the logistics process
  • Reduction of manual testing costs for vehicles
  • Next step: Industrialization of data services and conception for automatic Claim management


Ecosystem for Artificial Intelligence in Product Creation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an important key to innovative and efficient product creation. With the AI-Marketplace, we are creating an ecosystem that is unique in Germany and that will enable companies to tap the potential in this area. The lynchpin is the AI-Marketplace platform of the same name, where providers, users and experts can jointly develop and exchange AI solutions. Our vision is a marketplace that intelligently links platform users according to their supply and demand profile, while at the same time providing a protected space for secure data exchange and data sovereignty. In addition, an app store for AI applications that can be used directly by companies will be created, as well as a toolkit that will allow individual AI components to be configured into complete solutions tailored to the needs of individual companies.

The AI-Marketplace plays an important role in ensuring the competitiveness of industry and significantly increasing the global visibility of Germany in the field of Artificial Intelligence. It contributes to ensuring that “Artificial Intelligence (AI) made in Germany” becomes a globally recognised seal of quality.

NEXT is an associated partner and is pleased to be part of this project along with 20 research institutions, networks and companies.

UNITY Innovation Alliance Projects

Development of an intelligent service portfolio at FRITSCH

Customer: FRITSCH is an innovative leader in the industry of baking engineering and technology.

Goal: To provide innovative services in production plants; create customer advantages in plant availability, product quality and user support

Why the UNITY Innovation Alliance? The close and well-established collaboration within the UNITY Innovation Alliance is attributed to broad-based competencies from strategy development to implementation

Award: Fritsch received the industry innovation prize, the „iba Award” again; for the first time in software-based digital services


  • Defined the service portfolio
  • Determined the service strategy
  • Conducted customer testing

Next Data Service

  • Detailed a description of the services
  • Analyzed the data basis
  • Developed two MVPs    

Smart Mechatronics

  • Equipped the industrial plant with necessary sensors

Software Examples

Other reference stories




Supply Chain

Example: A cockpit for leased assets and contract data as well as AI-based modules that are based on these, such as, predicting vehicle locations and downtimes.

Added Value:

  • Reduced downtime
  • Greater transparency
  • Reduction of business risks

Example: Predictive Maintenance: AI-based prediction of the maintenance of a production facility

Addes Value

  • Reduced malfunctions
  • Increased production capacity
  • Maintenance planability

Example: Optimized manual disposition by applying Machine Learning Algorithms

Added Value:

  • Reduced lead time by 90%
  • Reduced process costs by 10%

Example: Automated claim management during product development from production to customer handover through automated analysis of product images

Added Value:

  • Process cost savings
  • Greater process reliability

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