We design, implement and operate customer-specific Big Data and AI services. Our services help you realize your data-driven strategy. We do this systematically in five, agile, structured and consistent steps:

Support in developing data and service strategies, service portfolios and roadmaps

Identification and validation of potential data-based service ideas (Data Ideation Workshops, Mock-Ups, Lead-Customer Workshops)

Definition and development of a MVP for an identified and selected service idea within three months

Development of a first fully functional release (1.0) for customer provisioning

Scaling and operation of the developed service as a foundation for long-term market success

Success Factors

We are the best for your data business because ...

Our Experience & Network

…we are one of the most experienced start-ups in Germany.

…we have a winning combination of 20 years of experience in management consulting, experience in improving operational customer processes, and developing & operating creative and pragmatic big data and AI solutions in projects.

…as a part of the UNITY Innovation Alliance, we create synergies in your projects.

Performance & Scalability

… as an innovation partner, we realize your data-driven strategy.

…we focus on scalable added-value from data in specific use cases and build the technology for it.

…we are effective and fast with our agile range of services – in enterprise environments as well.


…we are manufacturer independent, and combine the best technologies and tools.

…we are committed to “German Engineering” in Big Data & AI as a Service!

How we work

NEXT provides services as a driver of innovation and as a link between management and domain knowledge in processes.

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