Smart Operating Room (OR) Management

AI-based Optimization of OR Planning with smartOR

smartOR is our solution for the intelligent OR management of tomorrow. During OR planning, a large number of tasks have to be planned and optimized. Many hospitals still organize their OR Management manually and are therefore facing challenges in the following Areas:

  • Frequent changes in the OR schedule
  • Changing responsibilities of the specialist clinics
  • Scheduling of OR slots which are specified by the clinic management
  • Managing OR in day-to-day business
  • Rescheduling, delaying or postponing operations
  • Accommodating emergencies
  • Timely communication with all parties involved

We habe developed our smartOR product to meet this challenge. smartOR is an integrated solution for OR planning that uses artificial indelligence (AI) to determine a digital OR plan based on custimer data, external influences and the experience of all participants.

OP planning created with smartOR

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Digital OR planning by utilizing artificial intelligence

Profit from more efficient OR planning with smartOR

Planning & Resources

With smartOR, the OR management receives a complete proposal for the surgery to be performed, including all necessary materials. Time, equipment and patient-related resources are taken into account in advance and reserved in the planning.

Real-time Management

With smartOR, reality is made possible in the OR plan. Inaccurate, manual planning is a thing of the past. OR slots are reserved by using foresight to make proactive predictions and procedures in the OR can be controlled in real time.


The individual level of automation can be selected freely with smartOR. Suggestions for an operation to be performed are automatically generated, which simultaneously create a current and binding schedule based on empirical values.

Employee Satisfaction

smartOR also leads to an improvement in working conditions for employees. More efficient planning reduces the need for overtime and allows more time for further training, as an example.

smartOR Planning for intelligent OR management

Input, Output und Ergebnis einer mit smartOR generierten OP-Planung.

Your benefit

from smartOR

Increased reliability in OR planning

Reduced overtime for employees

Optimization of the degree of utilization in the OR

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