Alexander Perl


„It was almost three years ago by now that I started at NEXT, at my request initially only limited to six months, as a Data Coach. At the time, I was still a partially single parent with my two children. I assumed that I would only support NEXT for a while, because the speed and the pressure, which is not unusual in an incubator, would probably not be manageable for me. After just two months, however, it was clear to me that I wanted to stay. True, it had been confirmed that we work fast and also like to deliver very good results quickly. But the community at NEXT showed me that we can always talk to each other in a short way in order to deal with the situations that also stress us individually. It’s always about everyone only being able to deliver 100%. Everything beyond that we have to organize differently. And so today I have found my place in this good working community, a social performance community as we call it. And I have discovered as my personal mission to preserve exactly this wonderful community in the future.“
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