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Alina Schäfer


„After deciding on a career in Data Science, the last question for me was whether to go big or small. In addition to a position at the Berlin startup NEXT Data Service, I also had the choice of a job at VW’s Tokyo location. But I made a conscious decision to go with the startup. Why? Because I could be a big cog there. Having an impact has become super important to me in the past and at NEXT I was allowed to work directly on projects, report and even present to customers. I would never have gotten that opportunity so quickly at a big company. On top of that, I hit it off right away on a human level during the interview. Starting with a sample task, which was not a typical standard question, but a practical task from an old company project. That suited me personally and my expectations, and so there was a real flow in the following conversation – it was totally relaxed, we exchanged ideas completely in our element as Data Scientists and simply understood each other. It was like a good first date, I could have gone straight to dinner with my boss afterwards.“
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