Daniela Knuth


„A friend drew my attention to NEXT – she sent me a job ad via WhatsApp and the very first contact was a phone call with Sebastian Busse, the COO and one of our three board members. We immediately got along great and all the other interviews where I got to know the people I would later work with were also relaxed, open-minded and honest. I have now been an assistant to the Executive Board for almost 2 years and am still mega happy with my decision at the time to join NEXT. The work is neither too boring nor overwhelming. You get proper onboarding through a mentor, you can ask colleagues for help at any time, they’re happy to take on a few tasks if there’s a need, and everyone is in a good mood and motivated. Great teamwork :) I especially like the fact that Marcus Goerke, CFO and my direct supervisor, regularly takes time for me so that we can coordinate the workload and my personal needs. I feel super taken care of and valued at NEXT and look forward to the coming years where I can make my contribution to NEXT’s great products!“ Daniela Knuth, Executive Assistant at NEXT
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