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Till Sannebeck


„Unsuspectingly, I stumbled into an externally led seminar during my studies that would keep me busy for the semester. Not because I had to struggle through a heavy curriculum, but simply because I was having so much fun identifying and designing an industry-specific Data Service in this innovation project that I could easily devote my time to it. It quickly became clear to me that this was something I would want to spend my time on even after I graduated. Although my first contact with NEXT Data Service already existed and the collaboration seems obvious in retrospect, after graduation it was finally a friend who unknowingly pointed me to the job offer as a Data Coach. Today, I work in a young and familiar environment with the very conception and organization of digital services that attracted me so much back then. We work in a wide variety of industries. This not only challenges me creatively and organizationally, but also opens up new worlds to me time and again, most of which I had no contact with beforehand.“
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