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Position yourself at the forefront of new value creation chains powered by data, driven by AI, and led by digital entrepreneurs.

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By leveraging automation with AI and intelligent multi-variable decision making at scale we solve major challenges across a range of B2B verticals.
The result: Specialised solutions and products that optimize workflows, transform businesses for the better and have a positive impact on people and environment.


Our founding story

NEXT DATA SERVICE was founded in 2018 with the goal of not only ideating digital business models, but also partnering with market and industry specialists to form a unique, complementary blend capable of building successful digital ventures. We began building an international team consisting of developers, product owners, designers, and data scientists who love to ideate and create data-driven services that address key problems in today’s B2B processes.

“Vision drives reality! It’s so great to have realized my dream of an AI-company-builder with both success and a sustainable culture."

Marcus Goerke


“I live to turn my visions into reality. Founding NEXT together with Marcus and Stephan was the natural answer for me on how to channel my energy into something truly meaningful.”

Dr. Sebastian Busse

Co-Founder, COO

“I love deep tech, delivering value and finding simple solutions to complicated software problems, so I founded NEXT and live all that as CTO, inventor and investor.”

Stephan Sommer-Schulz

Co-Founder, CTO


Why we love NEXT Data Service

“I feel that I cannot do enough to support these guys. They formed an exquisite team of developers, data scientists and digital entrepreneurs that continuously produces great ideas and technically outstanding products.”

Dr. Michael Herbst


Tomas Pfänder


Christoph Plass



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  • You have great access to investment markets and communities and have a proven track record of early stage to Series A investments.
  • You love to invest in SaaS business models that have a deep tech

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