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Successful presentation at the SVT Sympoisum


At the 17th Symposium for Foresight and Technology Planning in Berlin, NEXT colleague Dr. Masud Fazal-Baqaie and Daniel Schuler from BMW spoke about the digital vehicle file and how the implementation of a comprehensive digital twin is setting the course for the future 🔀💡 This project, on which they are working with Niklas Buerger and Philip Hultzsch from UNITY Consulting & Innovation, as well as Alexander Botskor and Rainer Hohenhoff from BMW Group, is about the implementation of the digitalization project DIFAE2E and the step-by-step use-case-oriented construction of the Digital Twin, as well as the lessons learned. As always, the SVT was a top organized event with top-class contributions to discuss relevant topics of the future – thank you very much for letting us be part of it! 🚀 Also on the picture are the colleagues from CP contech electronic GmbH (Christoph Pierenkemper) and UNITY Innovation Alliance (Hans H Jung and Dr. Dominik Fischer).

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