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Think of your employees. Think of your customers. They are the engine of your company’s value cycle. What if your company could offer them a new way to explore and experience your content and services that would create a stronger, more personal engagement with your business?


“You are new in the city, how can I help?”

You just moved to Berlin and don’t speak German.
What would you like to know?
Get quick answers in your language and have a ready companion to get confident right from the start.


“Hi, ask me anything about the company”

You are new in the company and have a thousand of questions. Everyone around is busy. Our virtual onboarding pal is fast, sharp and tireless.


“Talk to the machine in your own language”

The new machinery just returns an error code in a language the operator cannot read. The instructions manual is also in a foreign language. Our assistant speaks your language. Problem solved!


“Feedback is great, let’s talk about it”

The mobile ice cream mixer is so popular and people react with comments in different languages. How can you comb through all that feedback, let alone so many languages. Our UX champ comes to rescue.


“Hi, ask me anything about car parts”

Your business sells rare vintage car parts. Customers love to add special features to their cars. Help them learn what parts safely fit together while choosing a personalized look.


“Hi, I can diagnose, add any test results”

X-rays, MRIs, CTs, ECGs, vital signs, anamnesis, lab results. Shortages in medical staff lead to ever longer waiting times for a diagnosis result. Get a quick pre-diagnosis with a high degree of certainty.

Can’t find your usecase?

Or not sure how chatbots can work for your organization?
Talk to us. We can make it happen for you.

Who we are

We research and develop creative AI applications to help people achieve their goals and accomplish tasks more accurately, efficiently and enjoyably in a friendly and respectful way.

We help individuals and organizations feel comfortable and safe using AI automation.

We have implemented comprehensive measures to affirm our unwavering commitment to respecting and safeguarding the data of individuals and organizations.

Generative AI adapts to your internal use cases

Use any data formats. Flexibly add, remove, combine data sources. Configure your Chatbots to talk in the style and the language you want. Apply your role-access system. Protect your sensitive data.

What makes us the right fit for you

We listen, advise and develop AI-applications that fit with your business and employees. We can smoothly integrate in your own architecture and infrastructure and are fully compliant with your internal data policy guidelines.


You are in charge! nextSearch is made to fit with your internal user-access permission system. You decide who can see what.

Prompt configurator

Learn how to personalize your prompts for best results


Certified for B2B data privacy compliance from the top German data standards authority. We guarantee safe use of generative AI-applications in your orgaization.

Mix and play

Multi-LLMs, prompts, languages, sources, outputs, interaction formats … mix and configure everything to suit your internal needs.


Use different rating system to give feedback and train your models on the fly.


Learn how to use, mix and adapt different data formats to generate data-based applications and incredible data insights.

Fully compliant and certified by top German data regulators

ISO/IEC 27001 certified since July 2022

Certified since July 2022

Compliant with GDPR / DSGVO

Our people are the key to your success

We love to work closely with our clients. We love to listen, learn and leverage our diversified tech, data science, product and management consulting expertise to imagine and build visionary solutions with and for your business and your customers.

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