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Why we build ventures​

Like drawing happiness from watching our children growing up, we love developing an idea into a fully operational, successful venture. We aim for our ventures to always have an impact, because they solve urgent business problems. This gives us joy, inspiration and purpose for all the time we’re spending in our professional life.



A self-learning program that revolutionizes resource utilization in clinical processes through AI-based optimization around the clock.

„We have built our venture with the exceptional support of NEXT-incubator, which has provided us with funding, professional services, and top-tier coaching beyond our expectations.“ Svenja Skrzipale

Svenja Skrzipale


„Since the very beginning of nextOR’s conception, we have invested our expertise and heartfelt dedication into its development. Our approach prioritizes the genuine needs of hospitals, followed by technical advancements. This path not only makes sense, but has also brought me immense joy for many years.“

Daniela Neumann


„I am proud to witness how our product greatly assists OR coordinators, by increasing the accuracy of their daily planning, as well as enhancing staff and patient satisfaction.“


Mineral Waste Manager​

The only solution that is capable of automatically interpreting every mineral waste lab analysis in Germany. It makes customers resilient to demographic change and the resulting shortage of environmental engineers in the market. In addition, customers’ mineral waste treatment workflows becomes digital and transparent, resulting in more optimal treatment processes. As such, Mineral Waste Manager technology is a key enabler of the circular economy.

“It was incredibly fortunate to meet NEXT, as they provided all the complementary skills and assets that I lacked to successfully develop my business idea into a thriving company from scratch.“ Carl W. Finck

Carl W. Finck


“To me, Mineral Waste Manager means living my dream of helping the mineral waste industry become more digital.”

Dr. Sebastian Busse


“The moment Carl introduced me to this idea, I fell in love with it. It was absolutely clear that it could become a very successful venture.“


Coming soon...​

We are restless founders! As we speak, we are building the next companies that are still in stealth mode but will take off very soon.


AI-based production planning for discrete manufacturing as add-on to classic MES systems…


Optimizing an NVH service for the digital development phase of cars...


Making water sampling management easier …


Helping banks with risk management and sales in B2B portfolios …

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